Detailed Camp Scedule


8-9am: registration/sign in
9:00: Introductions
9:15: Warm up on the course/ get to know each other/be chatty
9:45: Go over bike setup/ tire choice/ tire pressure/toe spikes/pre race prep
10:00: Start skills (depending on group break into groups where Nate, Jon, and I will be
at separate stations. Run it like a weight room circuit workout, just keep
rotating through)
12-1: Lunch! Munch on Clif and sandwich platter/chips/oranges provided by us or
bring your own.

**Emily will be giving a talk during lunch on Nutrition for pre, during, post, as well as any questions***

1:00: Talk tactics prepare people, mentally, for mock race
1:30: Tempo laps on race course
2:00: Talk about lines at speed and how they differ from just pedaling around
2:15: Mock race
2:50: Discussion about the race, the day, what tomorrow will look like, and RAFFLE!!!!
3:00: Go home!

8:30: Registration opens
8:30: Course laps (fielding any questions about lines, positioning, pre race anxiety)
9:30: C Race
10:15: B Race
11:30: A Race

-Feel free to hit us up with any questions after your race!