Campers, you guys rocked!!! Thank you.

Day 1 started off with some basic skills to help everyone remember what CX is about. Dismounts, remounts, suit casing, shoulder mounts, barriers, all of these were key focuses on Day 1.

Day 2 started off with a light jog, followed by pancakes! 

Then we hit the Lees McRae CX trails for more on the bike skills tutorials. Committing to the rut was a camper favorite, riding up a sloggy, boggy, uphill was less favorited but still appreciated. 

Then we ended the day with some starts and a game of bike soccer.

Thanks to all those who came out as well as the people and partners that helped make the camp run smooth. Until next year, cheers!


Schedule Change: Bring a pair of running shoes!!!

Just a slight schedule change, for the better. 

Sunday morning, prior to pancakes we are going to go through some warm up stretching drills, a few activation moves, and then do a 20min jog (no man left behind)

Sunday’s Schedule:

8am- Gather for stretching drills and warm up followed by jog around course (20min jog)
Then, we are going to make pancakes!!!! And we will have coffee for you! 
Skills for 2 hrs then start the “racing” – not a race, just riding really fast as a group and trying to finish in front of each other.


***the schedule now reflects specific times

Registration Problems

Sorry for the inconvenience but the site is having problems processing payments for the registration process. Due to this please email Jason Ward, to fulfill your registration requests. 

Sorry again but don’t let this small hiccup deter you from learning more cross!